Cancellation and Refund Policy


In this policy we set out details of the delivery methods, periods and charges that apply to orders for our products made through our website or Social Media messaging (WhatsApp, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger) or email.

This policy is a legally binding document, and this policy shall form part of the contract of sale between you and us made under our terms and conditions of sale.

DELIVERY / SHIPPING POLICY: LORINA JEWELS deliver its products mainly to UAE but also worldwide. Shipping will be done by a third party (Delivery company). Delivery takes from 7 to 10 working days within the UAE and rates vary as per Emirate and location of the receiver.

For countries outside of UAE shipping time usually takes from 10 to 20 days.

 The Range of Delivery rate will be from minimum charges of AED 25 up to AED 200. Delivery delay can occur due to various reason, (work delay, mistake in the manufacture, courier company mistakes etc. ) and we shall contact you to inform you.

We may from time to time not find any suitable courier companies to deliver products to some remote area or territories, in such a case, the order will not be confirmed by us, or cancelled, and we will let you know immediately.

Once the payment is made, the confirmation notice will be sent to the client by email upon confirmation of the payment with LORINA JEWELS.

DELIVERY ISSU/ FAILURE : If you experience any problems with a delivery, please contact us using the contact details that we publish on our website or otherwise notify to you.

If our delivery service provider is unable to deliver your products, and such failure is your fault, and you do not collect your products from our delivery service provider within the relevant time limit, we may agree to arrange for re-delivery of the products; however, we reserve the right to charge you for the actual costs of re-delivery (even where the initial delivery was free of charge).

An indicative list of the situations where a failure to deliver will be your fault is set out below:

(a) you provided the wrong address for delivery;

(b) you provided a wrong contact number for the delivery;

(c) the address for delivery is not reasonably accessible;

(d) the courier attempt to call you but couldn’t not reach you more than 3 attempts ( calls and messages)

REFUND / EXCHANGE POLICY: For shipments to all customers, we do not apply refund, exchange. LORINA JEWELS creates customized accessories and jewelry designed as per the customer request.

If a default / manufacture or a mistake from LORINA JEWELS is noticed by the customer at the time of delivery, we will fix and return the order free of charge within 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, any repair, polishing, fixing and delivery will be charged on the client. Price may vary according to the requirement.

RETURN PROCEDURE: For shipments to all customers, LORINA JEWELS do not accepts returns. As the order sent to the customer was created upon request by the customer.

In case of a specific request, we shall manage return case by case and you must contact us by email at to obtain a return authorization. 

NO REFUND POLICY AND NO CANCELLATION: LORINA JEWELS will clearly communicate with the customer and the cardholder in case of such an event arises and it shall be done before purchase decision is made. If you change your mind, or wish to cancel your order, please contact us the soonest via WhatsApp or mail confirmation. Cancellation will be taken into consideration if made 2 days after the order was placed, if not charges will apply.

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